March 28, 1991

  • New York Times publishes an article by Matthew L. Wald – “Steinway Changing Amid Tradition” – also outlining the list of recent Steinway & Sons problems, and reflecting the general public suspicion of the new Steinway & Sons management.
  • In the article, Fred Hitchcock, a piano technician for the American School of Ballet and the New York City Ballet is quoted saying about Steinway & Sons, “They are living off their name.”
  • Lloyd Mayer, a former Steinway & Sons president, who had been replaced by Bruce Stevens when Steinway & Sons has become a part of Steinway Musical Properties, says in the interview given for the article: “I don’t think these guys wanted to screw it up, but they know nothing about the piano business, and there are ways to go wrong.”
  • The author of the article, Matthew L. Wald, expresses his concern over “changes in two of the main ingredients of pianos: labor and materials”.