• Celebrating the 300th anniversary of the invention of the piano, Steinway & Sons and furniture designer, Dakota Jackson, create the Tricentennial Limited Edition piano. This is the first time since the early 20th century that a 6-foot-2-inches Model A grand piano is offered by Steinway & Sons in the Western Hemisphere. The Tricentennial is the first Limited Edition piano to be jointly created at Steinway & Sons’ factories in New York and in Hamburg, Germany.
  •  John Lennon’s Steinway & Sons upright piano is sold for over $2 million dollars to a pop star George Michael, thus becoming the most expensive upright piano in history. This is the piano on which John Lennon composed the song “Imagine”.
  • Steinway & Sons introduces the Crown Jewel Collection, a series of Art Case pianos with special exotic finishes from around the world.