• The world’s most expensive grand piano is built at Steinway & Sons factory in Hamburg, Germany, for €1,200,000. Conceived and commissioned by Chinese art collector and music lover, Guo Qingxiang, the piano has been created by Steinway & Sons in the course of four years. The piano is named Sound of Harmony and is decorated with inlays of 40 different woods, including the lid which replicates artwork by Chinese painter Shi Qi.
  • Steinway & Sons unveils the latest model in its Legendary Collection: the re-creation of the #100,000 White House model. The piano is sold to Mr. Devoe Moore of Tallahassee, Florida. Mr. Moore now owns all three pianos that belong to the Legendary Collection: the Alma-Tadama, the Peace Piano, and the recreation of the #100,000 White House model presented to Theodore Roosevelt in 1903 (the original piano is now at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C.)