• Steinway & Sons builds and sells 3,620 pianos, 2,100 of them are Model S.
  • Steinway & Sons makes $2,633,232 in piano sales.
  • Steinway & Sons’ net profit is $68,713 (the company is not losing money for the first time in five years).
  • Steinway & Sons builds several Model W pianos (a 3’9” upright) – but the model never gains popularity among buyers, and its production is soon abandoned.
  • The failing Steinway Pianofabrik in Hamburg, managed by William R. Steinway, begins to build Model S “baby grand” piano, and soon starts making profit of several dollars per piano.
  • A Nazi newspaper publishes an article about Steinway Pianofabrik in Hamburg selling and shipping pianos to Jerusalem, insinuating that Steinways are Jews trading with Jews. To prevent the Nazi government’s attempt to nationalize the factory, Theodore E. Steinway sends son Teed to Germany, with the assignment to find all birth and baptismal certificates of the Steinweg family, that should prove Steinways’ Aryan ethnicity.
  • Steinway & Sons workers begin to gather regularly at a local Polish bar, Busse’s Hall, at 20-41 Steinway Street, discussing the prospects of unionizing of the factory.