• Steinway & Sons makes 400 pianos this year (or 413, by the alternative accounts), notwithstanding the severe economic depression in the United States.
  • By the end of this year the value of Steinway & Sons assets is estimated at $75,000, and the company employs 80 workers.
  • Steinway & Sons builds its first “Art Case” piano, #1,225, with a lavishly carved case and legs.
  • C.F. Theodor Steinweg writes from Germany to his father Heinrich: “I have put an action in a seven-octave grand according to Henry’s instructions. The only problem is that the action makes too much noise”. This letter will motivate Henry Steinway, Jr. to seek further improvements to his patented action (see the entry for June 15, 1858).
  • Steinway & Sons rents premises at 96 Crosby Street and 113 Walker Street, and a lumber storage site at 23rd Street.
  • Steinway & Sons offer 15% commission to music teachers for every Steinway & Sons piano sold to their students.
  • Charles Steinway takes charge of Steinway & Sons’ artists endorsements. His younger brother William helps him.